IRC chat

[21:21] is daria here?
[21:21] NO >O
[21:21] HI DARIA
[21:21] oh hai Cath
[21:21] omg
[21:22] did you just shun me, the hand that feeds you indirectly, for Cath
[21:22] I would never shun you! T_T
[21:22] forgive me oh powerful master, I can't handle your whips today!
[21:22] lmfao

(Juno = our mutual big boss lady, lol)

I don't think I've obsessed over a movie as much as I have over inception. The world are <3, the theories are <3, the music is <3, and the characters are <333333!


holy motherfucking shitfuck that was the largest fucking insect I've misdiagnosed as a lumpy blanket fold and brushed away from my goddamn leg while still in bed.


I can't stop the creepy crawly tingly feelings now. And it's 4:40AM. And I can't sleep. Goddammit.

Bathroom Books

You know, those books you keep on top of your toilet for some light reading while you're aheming? I think they reveal a lot about a person ... and I'm curious: what do you keep in your stock? We keep three books over our toilet at the moment:

1. The Flight of the Iguana - A Sidelong View of Science and Nature - a compilation of short essays by David Quammen about the best part of science: nature. Not just What Actually Goes Down in nature, but also personal opinions and anecdotes. I love his writing, I love the subject, and, even more than any of that, I love his obvious passion for the subject. This is probably the first book I reach for. It's also probably the reason I spend more time in the bathroom than I strictly need to.

2. Fragile Things - Short story anthology by Neil Gaiman. While I do love his writing, he's a bit too Out There for me sometimes. A little dark, a little macabre ... but who didn't already know this? It's stories can be shorter, and generally don't need a fully functioning brain to interpret (which is great for late nights or early mornings or other altered states of consciousness).

3. Blood, Sweat, and Tea - Blog entries of a paramedic. The newest addition to our bathroom collection! I think the nature of blog posts allows them to be great bathroom reading. Its possible to start and read multiple entries, and they can be read out of order!

So back to my question: what do you keep on top of your toilet? Any recommended readings? Or do you adhere to the no-books-in-bathroom policy?

Virus on DA

So apparently there's a virus going around DA, or so the DA news article would have me think. I've had to reformat my computer twice already - the second time right after having read said article. Of course, I had the foresight to back up my files on an external hard drive first. I didn't expect the hard drive to die right after I reformatted though. Now I'm stuck without my high resolution files, my work in progresses, my entire artwork folders, my art programs.... And to a less severe degree, my class notes and past homeworks (my priorities may need re-evaluation).

I think I spent a good day mourning the loss.... but hopefully the data can still be recovered from my external; it should just be the USB connection failing. Or so my comp engy friends reassure me.

So for now: I find myself at a loss for what to do on the internet. I know I could go to DA again, with better antivirus, but after having reformatted twice, I'm hesitant to step in there again. (I'll wait for an OK from some god before I step foot on DA again.) I could ... go to Straightdope, but that only catches my interest for so long. I could ... I DON'T KNOW, WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ON THE INTERNET?!

... I suppose I could keep playing this robot unicorn game, but I'm honestly not that good at it...

100 Themes

These are not necessarily the finished pictures; these will probably be touched up at a later date. For printing purposes. Or so goes the plan, anyway.

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Again, I find the urges to draw and play games increases exponentially as finals approach.


I'm currently obsessed with Tales of the Abyss. Doodles of the characters take up, what, half of my current sketchbook? I thought the obsession would die down after I finished playing the game, but then I couldn't stop and we started the second playthrough. It's not going to end! And I'm loving it! For the first time, I actually want to be part of some fandom! And then ... I find that the time has passed, the game's was released too long ago, the craze has already died down.

Well, the communities are still alive, but more in a ... dragging its feet along in a "smattering of posts every month or three" kind of way. I'm really curious: does anyone know any communities that are more active?


I am too used to putting you first. You are too used to me putting you first. So when I finally reach my breaking point, when I need someone to be there for me, you don't recognize how much I'm hurting and how badly I need the support.

When I need someone to lean on, when I need someone to help me, I really don't need someone to tell me that I "need to learn to live with myself." You can't help me. You're not willing to. You don't care to, because you're stressed as well, and because you've not in the mood to humor my "childish sensibilities".

You hurt me. And, what's more, I know it's pointless to expect any sort of apology. You'd spout some crap about how "you're not going to apologize because you didn't do anything wrong". And I know this. And I hate that response. And you know that. But you still give it.

I know better now.

Or, at the very least, I should know better.

After all, you've always been there to push me back down when I needed you the most. Pushed me down, made me apologize for not being considerate when I decided to interrupt your life with my begging. I forgot. My bad.



I can feel the pressure building behind my eyes. I need sleep.

But I still have work to finish and class to go to.

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One thing I've never understood was why someone would want to bother with wizarding photographs, as per J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. While it sure is a novelty to have the people in said photographs move around, it really doesn't capture the moment of the shooting that a "muggle" photograph can capture. It's not ... an art anymore.

Anyway. Found a new style that I like using in photoshop ... trying to use it on the entire piece is kind of hard, though, since I keep slipping back to my own typical style. Booooo so hard. I'm kind of afraid that I won't finish it.

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So yes, can't wait for some things to happen, irl. In the mean time, I'm just going to nurse the gaping hole in mouth and celebrate having NO MORE WISDOM TEETH. XD!