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Bathroom Books
You know, those books you keep on top of your toilet for some light reading while you're aheming? I think they reveal a lot about a person ... and I'm curious: what do you keep in your stock? We keep three books over our toilet at the moment:

1. The Flight of the Iguana - A Sidelong View of Science and Nature - a compilation of short essays by David Quammen about the best part of science: nature. Not just What Actually Goes Down in nature, but also personal opinions and anecdotes. I love his writing, I love the subject, and, even more than any of that, I love his obvious passion for the subject. This is probably the first book I reach for. It's also probably the reason I spend more time in the bathroom than I strictly need to.

2. Fragile Things - Short story anthology by Neil Gaiman. While I do love his writing, he's a bit too Out There for me sometimes. A little dark, a little macabre ... but who didn't already know this? It's stories can be shorter, and generally don't need a fully functioning brain to interpret (which is great for late nights or early mornings or other altered states of consciousness).

3. Blood, Sweat, and Tea - Blog entries of a paramedic. The newest addition to our bathroom collection! I think the nature of blog posts allows them to be great bathroom reading. Its possible to start and read multiple entries, and they can be read out of order!

So back to my question: what do you keep on top of your toilet? Any recommended readings? Or do you adhere to the no-books-in-bathroom policy?

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I tend to just have whatever random book I'm reading at the time in there, as it's pretty much the only time I have to read these days... right now I have Tailchaser's Song (because eee kitties), the Ramayana (I actually finished that forever ago, should probably move it out of the bathroom), How Doctors Think (guess that's more like bathroom reading), and I might have the Communist Manifesto? just because it seemed like something I should read for literacy, but I haven't been able to get through it at all >_>;;;; Also, I shall embarrass myself utterly by admitting that I also have magazines in there nowadays - Popular Science, and... Cosmo. >_>;;; They were $5 per subscription on Amazon for New Year's! And I wanted to know how real girls saw the world (as opposed to hopeless tomboys like me XD)

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Tailchaser's Song ... Because of kitties? (Why am I not surprised? XD) But books you've already read are great for bathroom reading! You can flip it open to any point and just read your favorite parts!

Pop sci is good tho! But Cosmo? DO I EVEN KNOW YOU ANY MORE?! lulz, jk, but yea. I can't make myself buy magazines anymore, everything's offered online. D: Have you found anything interesting in them? :3

KITTIES. I read it in NEHS, actually, it was in the school library. And I think it was the first book that author wrote, so it's sort of cool to read it now and notice all the seams and joins of how the plot was put together and the not-quite-polished-and-slick bits... and still love the story XD

IT'S SO WEIRD. There's, like, fashion and stuff in it. o_o;; And like any business model based on "making stuff up" (see: Cosmo, evolutionary psychology, celebrity gossip tabloids) sometimes they get things right (or at least make pretty convincing stories/models that actually resemble reality), and sometimes they get things hilariously wrong, mostly in the sex tips that I've noticed (because I know fuck-all about fashion and colors and make-up and such). Actually, sex-naive fangirl armed with knowledge of basic anatomy and a Cosmo magazine could churn out pretty decent stuff. (The problem is most have the latter, but not the former. XD)

But like, it's also interesting to note the ways they describe things - man, if I had a magazine on hand I could tell you. Like, marketing, right? Spin. You can have "sultry sexy dark colors, none of this namby pamby disgusting cutesy light color stuff" or you can have "happy bubbly showing-off-your-exuberant-and-adventurous-side light colors, none of this depressing boring dark colors stuff". And haircuts! In slicker words, of course. But no matter what, it's all super-positive and upbeat and sell-sell-sell and the next magazine can contradict it all, but who keeps them around long enough to notice?

Also, I usually recognize about 20% of the celebrities the magazine mentions, and none of the ones they interview. XD;; And sometimes they'll have sort of "hot or not"/"tacky-outfit or not" picture comparisons, and half of them I can guess and half of them just look about the same to me. XD And fashion, and make-up, and whoa people actually think about these things regularly??? Scaaaaaary.

The thing about reading online vs reading physical magazines is... well, firstly it's hard to actually stick to anything (even, secondly it's easy to skim and only pick out stuff you want to read, and thirdly-relatedly you don't really tend to see things you're not looking for, unless someone else links you. And also I have this thing about needing to read things in physical form - like, I'll print out papers and stuff because it's hard for me to read them in pdf form, and I print two-pages-per-page as much for ease of reading as to save paper.

I keep a mini magazine rack of Reader's Digest on the bathroom counter, and possibly whichever actual book I'm reading. Right now my Educational Philosophy coursepack is in there. >_>

Educational philosophy? o__o So... how to teach philosophy? Or all about philosophy?

Either way, that sounds pretty awesome. :O!

Haha, other way around actually! It's the philosophy of how to teach, what to teach, what is ethical educational behaviour, what does 'education' really *mean*, what grounds we should use for setting up curriculum, etc. It is very interesting!

Nothing, actually. I was surprised when came to the US and people actually did keep books etc and spent quite some time sitting on the toilet. I cannot imagine myself doing it, lol I tried playing videogames there once and got tired of it pretty fast. :(

Playing videogames in the BATHROOM?! @__@ What were you using? PSP/computer/DS? XD /amused

Books on the toilet is a perfectly logical way to spend your time ... it's multitasking the most basic physiological need while exercising your brain. XD! Imagine how much work human kind could get done if we read more on the toilet.


Yeah, my DS. I am pretty good at keeping it attached to my hand for a very long time. Lol imagine bringing a computer to the bathroom... That would be a bit tedious...

I guess I just don't peepee for very long, I would say I am always around or under a minute in the loo, and then I'm out.

Oh as like many great thinkers, I can now see your reasoning however.IT ALL MAKES SENSE, I AM SRY. 8D;;;;

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Neverwhere (also by Gaiman) was great, if you want something a little less episodic. I know several people who swear by it, but ... it was the kind of book that depressed me if I read too much at once, thanks to dark and macabre-ness. XD

I will! Thanks for the suggestion. :D

Not entirely, but HI! :D

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