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Virus on DA
So apparently there's a virus going around DA, or so the DA news article would have me think. I've had to reformat my computer twice already - the second time right after having read said article. Of course, I had the foresight to back up my files on an external hard drive first. I didn't expect the hard drive to die right after I reformatted though. Now I'm stuck without my high resolution files, my work in progresses, my entire artwork folders, my art programs.... And to a less severe degree, my class notes and past homeworks (my priorities may need re-evaluation).

I think I spent a good day mourning the loss.... but hopefully the data can still be recovered from my external; it should just be the USB connection failing. Or so my comp engy friends reassure me.

So for now: I find myself at a loss for what to do on the internet. I know I could go to DA again, with better antivirus, but after having reformatted twice, I'm hesitant to step in there again. (I'll wait for an OK from some god before I step foot on DA again.) I could ... go to Straightdope, but that only catches my interest for so long. I could ... I DON'T KNOW, WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ON THE INTERNET?!

... I suppose I could keep playing this robot unicorn game, but I'm honestly not that good at it...

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THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! I just need to go dl msn first, and the internet here is going ... 10kb/s. >> (I feel bad though; I forget who you are on DA. D: /been too long since I've been on eljay)

Probably not; this virus is ridiculously annoying. >_o It the type that keeps spawning pop-ups, and has fake antivirus messages, and ... then automatically closes your task manager and command prompt when you bring them up. Maybe your randomly getting logged off has more to do with your cookies clearance settings? /isn't sure

AHA! Tvtropes! A way to waste time! YES! is a great site to waste time with too, in case you're also bored. XD!

Thanks for the wellwishes, ohGAWD I hope I can retrieve the data. D8

Ahhh what does the virus do? I'm worried now b/c I've been browsing dA on/off all day but nothing too weird has happened. I'm sorry to hear you lost all your files though!

It could just be that your antivirus is better than mine, lol. I was using a crappy one, and even I knew it. I just figured I didn't go anywhere too dangerous .... oops.

Its the type that keeps spawning pop-ups, and has fake antivirus messages (I had like. 4 windows security alert icons in my taskbar, and ... then automatically closes your task manager and command prompt when you bring them up. A massively annoying little ass of a virus. *glares*

Hope your computerstuffs are ok! o_o;;

I mean, past homework, pfft, whatever. Notes you can get elsewhere or study off other things, even current homeworks can be redone. But arts? T_T


Reading: (just what I've been reading recently, I mean I could list all my bookmarked pages if you want but that might actually break the comment box XD) (ymmv) <-- much like TVtropes, can eat your life. (and all related satellite sites)
Um, various webcomics... have you seen ? Webcomics taste is kind of idiosyncratic, though.

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Re: Hope your computerstuffs are ok! o_o;;

I should be at least a little more worried about that proposal we're writing up for senior design class. o_____o;


YOUUUUUUUU~~~ /has been successfully shamed into LJing again!

Re: Hope your computerstuffs are ok! o_o;;

Meh, just write it again. XD


Meeeeeee~~~ Shamed, or driven to it by LACK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO DO??? LJ MOAR. I DEMANDS IT. :DDD How ya been, aside from zomg virus? Last semester of college?

what do i do on the internet? browse dA lol well shit

that sucks though, i would be devastated if my files were wiped. hope you get them back. I hope my anti-virus is doing a good job ;n;

lol GO NOOMI'S CHOICE ANTIVIRUS! I can, uh. Blow up the images, and repaint them.


.... T___________________________T

Oh no! ;_; I hope you manage to get your stuff back! My 13gb USB stick recently failed and my computer-savvy friend managed to salvage most of the stuff that was on it, so don't give up hope!

You could... spend time here on LJ! :'3 There's lots to do! Especially if you're into any fandoms. Being active on communities is fun. are you into any fandom these days?

Tegaki is pretty fun. There's also good ol' paintchats, though I haven't been on one of those in forever, myself. If you're looking to waste time, there's a billion webcomics out there (I can recommend a few) and even more blogs. There's YouTube, Twitter, Facebook... I don't think I could ever run out of things to do on the internet. XD

(You could also talk to meeee on Gchat on MSN! 8D)

oh man, that sucks D: technology is such a blessing and a curse

sites i frequent:
- many LJ communities
- twitter
- forums of any kind (mostly gaming for me)
- soompi (lolo)
- slickdeals (keke i feel asian)
- metafilter
- craigslist
- if you like fml you might like mlia aka
- meme blogs (lolcats, passive aggressive notes, post secret, people of walmart, etc)

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