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I am too used to putting you first. You are too used to me putting you first. So when I finally reach my breaking point, when I need someone to be there for me, you don't recognize how much I'm hurting and how badly I need the support.

When I need someone to lean on, when I need someone to help me, I really don't need someone to tell me that I "need to learn to live with myself." You can't help me. You're not willing to. You don't care to, because you're stressed as well, and because you've not in the mood to humor my "childish sensibilities".

You hurt me. And, what's more, I know it's pointless to expect any sort of apology. You'd spout some crap about how "you're not going to apologize because you didn't do anything wrong". And I know this. And I hate that response. And you know that. But you still give it.

I know better now.

Or, at the very least, I should know better.

After all, you've always been there to push me back down when I needed you the most. Pushed me down, made me apologize for not being considerate when I decided to interrupt your life with my begging. I forgot. My bad.


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